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Moving zine

This zine project started in 2021 during a cross-country move, reflecting on the American landscape- natural and cultural, and my thoughts and feelings about being mobile. They have turned into disorganized manifestos about healing, magic, intersectional feminism and land.

Moving And cover for web.jpg

Moving And... Hot off the press!

Moving In cover copy.jpg
Moving your house.
Moving Forward cover copy.jpg
Moving Forward- All yours, baby!
Still Moving cover  copy.jpg
Still Moving, Still Available
Moving On. cover copy.jpg
Moving On is currently sold out! 

Suggested $10 donation per zine

Donate via:

Venmo @courtney-cross-22




*Please leave a note with payment as to which issue(s) you would like as well as your mailing address. This info can also be sent via my contact page

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