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Intuitive healing based on your body's priorities. I observe your body, mind and spirit as an interconnected web of consciousness. Through observation of the full body-mind I find what is ready to move and simply allow it to do so. While you lay down and relax,  I use non-invasive techniques like muscle testing and light tapping to energetically signal to the body-mind that it is safe to move blocks and clear pathways of communication. 


Options for single session:

Sliding scale $50-$100 
Sessions last from 60-90 minutes 

6 month packages include 1 bodytalk session and 1 integration meeting per month, as well as ongoing support via Telegram.

*Please book a call to learn more about this option.

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Group sessions are very potent, as they are magnified by the combined energy of each person in the group. This can be an illuminating experience to find the commonalities we have, so we feel less alone in our healing. It also increases our awareness of the potential to heal the collective conscious! 

These are distance sessions, which means you get to be cozy in your own home and I tune in to the combined energy of all the participants. 


Sessions are 1 hour plus optional sharing time after. We meet once a month via Zoom. $30 

Payment info will be sent via email when you reserve a spot 

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This is a free weekly community meeting. We tap out our Cortices, aka balance our brains, and hang out and talk about our feelings. This is an informal, friendly space for us to check in with each other. Tapping cortices as a group can be a much more effective way to ground than doing it on our own. And checking in with friends can be very validating and comforting.  

Let's get together. 

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