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What it is and how it works

The BodyTalk system helps to reveal the psychological, emotional and spiritual layers of pathology in the body. It aids in untangling the webs of consciousness that keep us mysteriously locked into behavioral and life patterns that seem to be on repeat. These can include but are certainly not limited to:

chronic pain, repeat injuries, fatigue, digestive issues, skin irritations, poor immune system, autoimmune disorders, allergies, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, addictions, drastic weight fluctuations, financial struggle, toxic relationships

This is an observational system of medicine. Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself when it is seen and met with compassion. Illuminating these consciousness patterns is enough for your body to shift into more sustainable and healthy ways of being. This illumination also allows for conscious shifts in decision making that can lead toward further growth and wellness sovereignty.


The mode of practice looks a bit like a combination of talk therapy, a psychic reading, and energy medicine. It is completely non-invasive. I ask the body questions using intuition and muscle checking. There is some light tapping involved but there is no manipulation of the body. 

During a session the bodymind reveals components of a given web of consciousness that is holding a blockage, or simply needs to be seen in order for the energy to flow through and return the body to a state of equilibrium and natural healing. This happens by reestablishing communication between different parts of the bodymind.


The body is able to heal itself, and this is a system designed to help us get out of the way of that natural healing. A process like this requires trust and surrender, but the BodyTalk protocol does give enough specificity to these mind/body relationships that we are often able to mentally integrate as well.

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